LEARN Groups

Leads Exchange And Referral Network (LEARN) Groups

The Regional Chamber’s Networking Groups!

Leads Exchange and Referral Network (LEARN) Groups allow professionals to meet in a networking environment to exchange leads and business referrals. LEARN Groups are intended to be a tool for members to cultivate their business. In order to achieve this, each LEARN Group includes 10-20 Regional Chamber members from different industries. 

Participation in LEARN Groups is a FREE service/benefit to our members at the Business Level or above.

What will a LEARN Group offer my business?

LEARN enables Regional Chamber members at the Business Level and above to…
  • Create and maintain an effective networking environment.
  • Build personal and professional relationships with other Regional Chamber members.
  • Develop strategies to grow and expand their business.

How often do LEARN Groups meet?

There are currently two active LEARN Groups chartered by the Regional Chamber.

Tuesday Group – Meets weekly at Red Lion Hanford House – Ripples Lounge from 12 – 1 pm.
Thursday Group – Meets only the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at Tagaris Winery from 12 – 1 pm.

Why should I join a LEARN Group? 

  • Grow your professional network
  • Increase company visibility
  • Educate others about your products and services
  • Gain valuable leads and referrals for your business

"Since I have joined LEARN, I have built personal and professional relationships with other Regional Chamber members that have led to many other contacts in our community; contacts that would have taken years to have made on my own. The one hour a week we meet is probably one of my most efficient."   

-Dawn King, KVEW TV

“LEARN is a great way to get out and meet other professionals within our community. Through the building of relationships I have been able to pass referrals to other trusted advisors and valued creators within their specific professions. In addition, I have also been fortunate enough to receive referrals that translated into real closed business. The continued involvement within LEARN allows me to grow as an individual, sharpen some soft skills, and maintain a top of mind awareness with my referral partners and thusly their centers of influence. I would highly recommend the participation in LEARN if you want to grow your business and share in the success of others.”
-Bill Walther, Gesa Credit Union

“The LEARN Group has helped my business by increasing the number of leads and closed business that I have.  I have also learned so much from the other members about their businesses.”
-Alex Burden, The Kenmore Team

LEARN Guidelines
  • LEARN Group members must be members of the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce in good standing at the Business Level membership or above.
  • More than three absences per quarter will constitute removal from the group.
  • Group members are responsible for their own meeting logistics and costs.
  • Only one person per LEARN Group category.
  • Chamber member businesses can have up to two employees from their business participate in LEARN.
  • A minimum of ten members are needed to create a new group.  Groups will have a maximum of 20 members.
  • Each member is responsible for bringing at least one new lead to each meeting.
  • The Regional Chamber will maintain a waiting list by group industry category.
  • A Chairman is elected by group members for a term of one year.
  • The LEARN Group will not accept applications from individuals that are members of other leads/referral groups.
  • Guests may visit the LEARN Group up to 2 times.

Join a LEARN Group
If you would like to join a LEARN Group, fill out the LEARN Group application.

Contact Information
If you have questions about LEARN Groups or would like to attend as a guest, please contact Kylie Elgin, Member Services and Programs Coordinator, at kylie.elgin@tricityregionalchamber.com or call 509.491.3237.