LEARN Groups

Leads Exchange And Referral Network (LEARN) Groups

The Regional Chamber has a new way to network!
Leads Exchange And Referral Network (LEARN) Groups allow professionals to meet once per week in a networking environment to exchange leads and business referrals. LEARN Groups are intended to be a tool for members to cultivate their business. In order to achieve this, each LEARN Group will include 10-20 Regional Chamber members from  different industries.  Participation in LEARN Groups is a FREE service/benefit to our members at the Business Level or above.

LEARN enables Regional Chamber members at the Business Level and above to…

  • Create and maintain an effective networking environment.
  • Build personal and professional relationships with other Regional Chamber members.
  • Develop strategies to grow and expand their business.

LEARN Guidelines

  • LEARN Group members must be members of the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce in good standing at the Business Level membership or above.
  • More than three absences per quarter will constitute removal from the group.
  • Group members are responsible for their own meeting logistics and costs.
  • A minimum of ten members are needed to create a new group.  Groups will have a maximum of 20 members.
  • Each member is responsible for bringing at least one new lead to each meeting.
  • The Regional Chamber will maintain a waiting list by group industry category.
  • A Chairman is elected by group members for a term of one year. 
  • The LEARN Group will not accept applications from individuals that are members of other leads/referral groups.

Join a LEARN Group
If you would like to join a LEARN Group, fill out the LEARN Group application.

Contact Information
If you have questions about LEARN Groups, please contact Kylie Elgin, Member Services and Programs Coordinator, at kylie.elgin@tricityregionalchamber.com or call 509.491.3237.